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We help businesses and people to thrive

The power of YOUniverse!

We want to change the way shift-based work is managed for businesses and their people. Founded and operated in Australia, YOUniverse is a cloud-based solution for businesses to connect with their people anywhere, anytime, on any device.

YOUniverse helps you to engage with your employees throughout their employment journey, from the time they apply for a role, complete all onboarding and through to being rostered into your teams.

As a cloud-based solution, YOUniverse gives you the business tools needed to gain visibility to and manage your teams. It’s a way for your staff to be connected to the business and their colleagues with real-time information and communications relevant to their roles.

YOUniverse is being used by thousands of employees throughout Australia in industries as diverse as apparel, hospitality, retail and automotive.

The YOUniverse experience is simple and modern, easy to implement and grows with your business. Book a demo and see for yourself how YOUniverse can empower your business and people thrive.