Employer of choice

Are your employees buying what you are selling?

Businesses globally invest money and effort into building compelling consumer brand positions. They research their market, assess their competitors and continually run analytics to assess the performance of their brand. This makes sense – a strong customer facing brand tells everyone what you stand for and what makes you special. Strong brands develop loyal and passionate supporters who become unofficial brand ambassadors.

Businesses should also want their employer brand – their reputation as an employer of choice – to be as strong and compelling as their consumer brand. A strong employer brand helps to attract and retain staff. When that employer brand always delivers what it promises to your staff, they too will become advocates and ambassadors for your company.

Unfortunately, employee branding is often overlooked and few resources are dedicated to building the employee value proposition. This strategy is unsustainable in the medium term. With Gallup research showing that 51% of employees are actively seeking a new role, companies that fail to build their employer brand may miss their opportunity to keep talented staff and suffer from higher turnover and lower productivity.

More than one-third (36%) of respondents to Gallup recent survey rated as ‘very important’ the employer brand or reputation when evaluating job opportunities. They wanted to be able to say to themselves ‘I like what this company stands for’. When making a choice between two jobs where the candidate considers everything else to be equal, brand and reputation can be tiebreaker.

Making your employer brand visible through easily accessed stories and online content that highlight your values. This may be customer or employee testimonials, evidence of community involvement via social media channels or simply promoting that employee awards are widely celebrated.

Potential employees want to be clear what a company stands for and how it’s employer brand connects through to an authentic, unique employee experience.

And so we ask – are your employees really buying what you are selling?