Author / Stuart Davies

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  • Employee performance

    Three ways to improve performance management conversations

    Performance management – two terms that frequently come up in conversations with our clients. Many of them recognise that the challenge is not simply in understanding the basics of what this means, but more so about how they enable managers to have effective conversations. They’ve uncovered the link between frequent and consistent dialogue with staff and…

  • The four building blocks of employee engagement

    Engaged employees! We all hear and read about building employee engagement. But how? Research clearly demonstrates that high engagement is built around four connected employee performance development needs.

  • Do your staff advocate for your business?

    In an earlier post, we talked about whether your employees were aligned with your employer brand. Today we ask if your employees are authentically advocating for your business?

  • Employer of choice

    Are your employees buying what you are selling?

    Businesses globally invest money and effort into building compelling consumer brand positions. They research their market, assess their competitors and continually run analytics to assess the performance of their brand. This makes sense – a strong customer facing brand tells everyone what you stand for and what makes you special. Strong brands develop loyal and…