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  • Employee performance

    Three ways to improve performance management conversations

    Performance management – two terms that frequently come up in conversations with our clients. Many of them recognise that the challenge is not simply in understanding the basics of what this means, but more so about how they enable managers to have effective conversations. They’ve uncovered the link between frequent and consistent dialogue with staff and…

  • The four building blocks of employee engagement

    Engaged employees! We all hear and read about building employee engagement. But how? Research clearly demonstrates that high engagement is built around four connected employee performance development needs.

  • Balance

    Fair Work changes for part-time ‘casuals’ and family friendly workplace requirements

    During the last quarter of 2018 Fairwork decisions resulted in updated regulations for small business. The body continues to adjudicate for workers rights while balancing the burden on small business. The decisions relating to misclassified casuals claiming for part time entitlements and for family friendly workplace requirements are important changes for workplaces.

  • Do your staff advocate for your business?

    In an earlier post, we talked about whether your employees were aligned with your employer brand. Today we ask if your employees are authentically advocating for your business?

  • Employer of choice

    Are your employees buying what you are selling?

    Businesses globally invest money and effort into building compelling consumer brand positions. They research their market, assess their competitors and continually run analytics to assess the performance of their brand. This makes sense – a strong customer facing brand tells everyone what you stand for and what makes you special. Strong brands develop loyal and…

  • It’s all about flexibility in the roster

    We’ve been working hard on roster to introduce some changes in how you can schedule team members and rulesets that comply with the fast food award. It’s pretty exciting and I’d like to walk you through some key changes. Shifts can be pretty dynamic. People step up to higher duties within the shift, they do…

  • Get Integrated on YOUniverse

    Running a successful retail or hospitality business, big or small, is no simple task. Managing staff, balancing budgets, adhering to compliance… the list of responsibilities is endless! Imagine working on one platform — having one solution — that took care of all your HR needs. Picture a way where you could optimise and consolidate systems,…

  • Keep the team up to data and engaged with YOUniverse

    Working shifts in a busy retail environment means keeping everyone on the same page is hard. The team changes throughout the day. How do you ensure that people know about new product, new promotions, and any safety or incentive messages? How can the team know what’s going on in their store? YOUniverse provides a forum…