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Create roles and requirements, post ads to job boards and the company careers page to attract new candidates. Seamlessly sort, review, shortlist and arrange interviews in a few easy steps.

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Get people work ready, inducted into your company culture and connected to the team. Create a beautiful experience for your new employee that is consistent, intuitive and easy to use.

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Provide managers with a simple solution to create and manage award-compliant rosters that factor in your forecasts and labour budget. Capture time and attendance data easily, with simple approval workflows to take the data to payroll.

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Icon: chat bubbles


Create groups suited to your business, share news and information, collaborate around initiatives and build engagement within teams. Empower employees to connect with their teams and the business with ease using in-built messaging.

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Promote professional development within your business to get the best out your teams. Set up training videos, compliance documents for review and pathways for progression.

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Take the hassle out of workplace management with standardised processes and integrations that adapt as you grow, allowing you to focus on the big picture and scale your business.

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Icon: optimise


Generate better consistency across your rosters with advanced optimisation. Intelligent software takes into account labour standards and sales forecasts to produce the most effective rosters for your business.

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Mobile app

Stay connected with your teams with YOUniverse mobile. Available on iOS and Android devices, our cloud-based platform goes wherever your business and people go.

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