Set your new hires and teams up for success

You’ve found the right person for the job, now it’s time to get them started. With a digitised onboarding process, new hires can get up and running in hours, rather than days. Meaning you can meet seasonal demand – faster!

With the help of YOUniverse, you can create an engaging induction experience for all new employees with the right tools and information in one place. Plus, you can encourage a connection to the team and brand while nurturing an inclusive culture from the get-go.

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Hit the ground running

Create a truly welcoming experience for new starters so that they’re ready from Day 1. Easily set up a seamless, automated onboarding experience that ensures consistency across all new hires.

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Engaged and motivated

Onboarding is more than just induction. It’s about getting your new hires off to the right start – feeling connected with the business, the values and part of a team.

A people-first experience

We make it easy for employees to share and update their personal information, complete required training and capture information that will get them rostered and working faster.

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