Take your rosters to the next level with just a few clicks

Demand planning is a challenging job when you’re dealing with fast paced, shift work – especially in larger venues. Add on top of that external demand drivers such as events, promotions and seasonality and you have a big task at hand to create the most cost effective roster to ensure you protect and grow your margins.

With our advanced and intelligent roster optimisation software, we can help you generate shifts that provide optimal coverage and maximised efficiency to keep your labour costs down.

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Maximise profits all year round

YOUniverse’s advanced software will help you forecast the most cost effective roster for anticipated demand, so that you can boost your bottom line.

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When consistency is key

Take the variability out of generating the most consistent and effective rota. With labour standards mapped to sales forecasts, you get the best roster for your stores – every time.

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Keep your customers coming back

Optimise your staff rota to maximise revenue without impacting customer service at peak times so you can give your customers an experience that they expect.

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