Find, sign and onboard the best candidates - faster

The recruitment process can be a real challenge when you’re managing high volumes of staff, in fast moving multi-store environments.

YOUniverse helps you to effectively streamline recruiting and engagement with your employees throughout their journey. From the time they apply for a role, complete all required onboarding and through to being rostered into your teams.

Simplify job postings

With YOUniverse, you can easily and securely set-up, configure and publish your ad to multiple job boards and channels – all from the one place.

Shortlist the best

Reduce your cost per hire with a configurable process to take the hard work out of shortlisting the best candidates for the job.

From onboard to go

With digital onboarding, you can get your new hire ready to go in no time. Get them inducted and connected to the team in the one place.


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