• Create, edit, review and approve rosters and timesheets.
  • Track employee attendance and hours, as well as better manage unavailability, time off requests and leave.
  • Improve time management and efficiency with the elimination of tedious manual procedures and data entry.
  • Set up automatic notifications to staff for clear communication.
  • Achieve award compliance by calculating salary costing, overtime, penalty rates and loadings, plus determine awards payment and conditions for greater payroll accuracy.
  • Assess cost variances and stay on budget.​

YOUniverse is a market-leading roster that ensures organisations are maximising workforce productivity.

One Platform. One Complete Solution

YOUniverse seamlessly integrates and manages your workforce.

Communicate feature


Create groups suited to your business, share news and information, collaborate around initiatives, build engagement within teams. Provide employees with one place where they can connect with the business in a tool they will love to use.

Recruit feature


Create roles requirements, post to job boards and your career page seamlessly. Sort, review, shortlist in a few easy steps. Arrange interviews and record notes.

Onboard feature


Get people work ready, inducted into your company culture and connected to the team. Create a beautiful experience for your new employee.

Roster feature


Provide managers with a simple solution to create and manage rosters. Have realtime visibility and attendance and eliminate time theft.

Integrated feature


One platform, one solution. Remove the need for complex interfaces between point solutions.


A seamlessly integrated, responsive experience with tools that work the way that people do. YOUniverse automates daily workflows, simplifies tasks and provides real time visibility across the entire workforce.