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Running a successful retail or hospitality business, big or small, is no simple task. Managing staff, balancing budgets, adhering to compliance… the list of responsibilities is endless!

Imagine working on one platform — having one solution — that took care of all your HR needs. Picture a way where you could optimise and consolidate systems, and put folks first.

It’s here. And it’s called YOUniverse!

YOUniverse is a simple and integrated cloud-based application that brings people, policy and procedures together in the workplace. From job applications and recruitment, onboarding and team rostering, through to all communication and collaboration in between, YOUniverse makes IT simpler by reducing the number of software packages in your business. Eliminating single focus applications has a number of benefits: less packages for staff to learn, and less data flying between the different systems. YOUniverse seamlessly automates and synchronises all the essential HR toolsets needed to manage daily work life more effectively.

The sophisticated all-in-one software package bridges the gap between employers and employees, and engages them throughout their shared employment journey. Managers and team members are equipped with the means to connect in real time – both individually or in groups.

YOUniverse offers an employee management experience that’s instinctively simple, supportive and modern, adopting ideas designed to meet business needs and utilise technology of today. Keep your finger on the pulse via workforce snapshots, offering real-time data visibility and tracking, as well as key operational insight into managing your personnel. That means less time wasted on time-consuming administrative processes and more time focused on high-level, top-priority activities.

As a unique, purpose-built solution, the YOUniverse platform is used by leading organisations throughout the retail and hospitality industry in Australia.

It’s time to engage one complete solution on the one potent platform. Deliver the right productivity tools to the right people and harness their true potential – trust in the power of YOUniverse!

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