It’s all about flexibility in the roster

We’ve been working hard on roster to introduce some changes in how you can schedule team members and rulesets that comply with the fast food award. It’s pretty exciting and I’d like to walk you through some key changes.

Shifts can be pretty dynamic. People step up to higher duties within the shift, they do a split shift – here in the morning and back on again at night. We have been bringing in some changes to handle these working modes. Check out our new split shifts feature, and multiple duties feature for more.

We have recently introduced a set of changes to meet the fast food award including:

  • Sunday premiums for higher classifications
  • evening premium rates and definition of the end of the evening.
  • Split shifts
  • alterate duties for part of a shift.

To implement the enterprise agreement and/or award in your workplace we consult with you extensively to learn the specifics of your agreement, and capture these in a spreadsheet and then implement the rulesets into YOUniverse so that the roster is costed exactly to your agreement:

The timesheet for a person shows the pay breakdown for the shift:

These changes mean your organisation can bring your enterprise roster to YOUniverse confident it will cost and pay your employees to the letter of your agreement.

We’re excited to bring these changes and hope you enjoy them!