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Working shifts in a busy retail environment means keeping everyone on the same page is hard. The team changes throughout the day. How do you ensure that people know about new product, new promotions, and any safety or incentive messages? How can the team know what’s going on in their store?

YOUniverse provides a forum where individuals can connect with the business and keep up-to-date. It encourages employee interaction, nurtures engagement within teams, promotes collaboration as well as encourages autonomy around initiatives, all in the quest to keep staff motivated.

Ensure everyone is on the same page – align employee goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) with business objectives to guarantee that mission critical tasks remain a top priority at all times.

With YOUniverse as your organisation’s portal, share important news, information and upcoming events instantly. Use it to build a unique profile for each team member which can be searched or updated with new information as needed. Create groups suited to your business and manage the way your people work together. Generate personalised, community-based news channels, as well as correspond with your members individually or in groups via the social media-style communications tools.

For example you can keep the in store promotions that everybody in the team across all shifts need to read in the store group, but have safety meeting minutes in the supervisors group. New hires can have a group to ask questions about how to work in the organisation. Operations managers can talk budgets and inventory with store managers together in the one place.

Drive greater employee engagement via a more consistent message throughout your organisation – convey it with YOUniverse!

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