New navigation nailed!

At YOUniverse we are constantly reviewing our application to make it easy to use. This ethos has brought up a change in the way customers navigate our platform. To start the new year we have put an extra focus on this area, to deliver a more streamline setup and configuration process for customers, and a more intuitive feel for end users. The first step in this process is a reimagined Navigation Bar and Configuration page. This redesign puts the focus on the end user, with an easy to use layout so that users can move between modules quickly.

In addition, updates to the settings page will allow you to make organisation wide changes much more simply, giving you greater control over how you use YOUniverse.

If you would like to read about the specific changes, visit our in depth article HERE.

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our product. so if you have any opinions on this change or any other parts of the platform, let us know through [email protected].