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Quite simply, any equation is about achieving the right balance.

In the industry, it’s demand and supply. Too much or too little of either can result in a budget blowout. A roster that doesn’t meet business needs is just a financial fiasco waiting to happen.

A successful business nowadays demands an optimised, dynamic and automated workforce scheduling solution. Forget the hassle of manually managing timetables with spread sheets!

The YOUniverse cloud-based rostering system coordinates customer demand, production (or service) level requirements and staffing schedules in a cost-effective fashion. It’s the market-leading application to ensure organisations are maximising work-time, minimising downtime and gaining invaluable insights into workforce productivity.

Thanks to real-time visibility of staffing scenarios, YOUniverse can empower managers with a simple, user-friendly solution. Rosters that avoid overtime are better for team members and avoids burnout and employee turnover. Use it to create, edit, review and approve staff rosters and timesheets for multiple teams and locations, track shift attendance, as well as better manage unavailability, time-off requests, leave and time theft.

Set up automatic notifications to your staff for clear communication. When workers have a complete view of their shifts, there’s no confusion over start and finish times.

Assess cost variances and stay on budget with YOUniverse. Achieve award compliance by calculating your salary costing, overtime, penalty rates and loadings, plus determine awards payment and conditions for greater payroll accuracy. This way, you’ll face fewer wages enquiries, with contented employees who are paid correctly and on time.

YOUniverse is a market-leading roster system that ensures your organisation is maximising productivity.

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